Sunday, January 31, 2010


..hangs in the balance, posted in thin air
perched to view, tree tops beyond
scatter all the winged, feed in sight
yellow beaked and all
eagle eyed, tongue tied
the eagle

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Round and round goes the revolving door...

he spins, falls and is on the floor...

i don't know... i don't know...

i am in, please help me do i go out ?????

Round and round goes the door, he is full of doubt...

Jensee boy wondering i got In,how do i go OUT...

do i scream, yell or just SHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(this incident happened at the American Center, A senior Artist, Jenson Anto found himself trapped in the revolving metal gates outside. He chose to ignore the signs and headed into the whirlpool of destruction... with one hand holding the phone, he banged his head, trapped inside, yelling for help... he was rescued by a fellow artist (me)... i whispered, Jenson, this way my dear.... the confusion increased as he tried to cross the street every two seconds, becoming restless and irritating and violent, desperate to reach the other side... he was last seen at the petrol pump.... have u seen him... round and round goes the door.... i wonder is he on the gallery floor...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

doggy pupu in wonderland

Doggy pupu…, screaming man… doggy pupu again, lot’s of them screaming, I am disgusted of you, uuhaah !!, the warrior, the princess, they are all here… an attitude, a perception, a new way to see things, I am crossing the roads, an attempt of kidnap… These innova men! And I am reminded of Chandigarh… someone could see me through the reflections, I am on my bean bag… Doggy pupu and his journey so far.

Stories of Oxygen… gagan or doggy pupu… The warrior holds steady to his weapon of choice, waiting for the right moment to strike in one blow, it has to be the right moment.

I am capturing the moments, I am capturing my expressions, I am capturing each step. Each time there is a fluctuation, there is a reaction… and so the emotive quality comes within, I am trying to capture it. It is all a one big movement. Nothing more than the swift movement of the Gatka Warrior striking the shield.

This must be gradation, this must be abstract, it is subtle….. we are in week 2…

Hey ! the lonely black is here, so is tiger cheema… I am waiting for others to join me. Let’s see what happens…

And my daily trips in the auto have begun… I am wondering of the pain of the tree with the grill inserted into his stomach, can’t do much about it. I can only express it. :(

hi jenson

hi gagan

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the last cookie

Saturday evening... i am reminded of the last cookie... jenson took it, laughing, he ate it. There was a call on the mobile and i left to join a new reality, shifting from one reality to another. There are three of us. Jenson, anant and me. We are in a LAB... we are three scientist, investigating our mind, or rather I am. Few days have passed by. The drawings are progressing, each one of them have a story... they join a new set and form a new story... i am exploring the size, the scale, it's fun so far.

The world of drawing, a fantasy world above the cafe. I am exploring the hidden creatures within me, the monsters, the angels and other characters, holding all of them within.