Monday, April 19, 2010


all packed up

Senior Artist

Well, i like what's been done in this art residency, i also like the view from here, watching the insane traffic going round and round the CP gol chakkar, and now i am getting chakkar... boy stop pulling on my leash...

searching for truth

food on fire

please don't try this at home....done by the experts at the Arts I Cafe

words no more

someone will sweep them away into the dustbin, like a firefly they lived their life, being part of the wall next to the painting, telling us the story and now treated with such pain and humiliation, all scattered and rubbed away unto the floor...

anant the artist

the fear of the Monkeys

AtmaRam and his Hawk

Thank you generous people of Arts I for filling up this pot of water for me to drink, for i live on this tree with my two kids, keena and sunkee. I am so grateful for this act, but i would also like if you put some biscuits for me like you give to the Artist in Residence. I don't mind the Custard ones or the Choclate nuts cookies. I'm sure my kids will like it.