Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I must tell you, some one is heading to Chennai, it's a place far away...simply not fair. The drawings, rotring pen, the paper, the tank at Townhall, pink flower and 2 seats under the tree. My stories - humping series, sufi baba, the yoga series, kamasutra, ab BUS karo !!! Gas man and much much more!!
So there is a sense of pain within. I was made to Cry, put on a bus and told to go home, I am a different character to draw, an alien amongst all my works. I will have to manage, and that is what i do best, just manage on my own. I am waiting for heads to by one, The sufi dance i will do, the play of Shastar. The monster who vomits everything from within.
I must tell you someone is heading to Chennai. What will happen to the Pen, the paper and the stories...

Simply Put