Sunday, March 28, 2010

Butkada phir bad muddat ke magar raushan hua, Noor-i-Ibrahim se Azar ka ghar raushan hua! Phir uthi akhir sada tauhid ki Punjab se, Hind ko ik mard-i-kamil ne jagaye khwab se!

Once again, after an age, the temple became radiant; Azar's house shone with glory of Abraham once again, the call for God's unity arose from Punjab From its soundest slumber Hind was awakened by a perfect man." Mohammad Iqbal on the coming of Guru Nanak"

Droplets of color gather in momentum towards areas virgin in its wake. The whiteness seduces, tempts and challenges the moment to take on. One succumbs to the desire to tread on this path of the unknown with the mind in a frenzied whirl…for what initiates dictates of the hand and the mind remains in the recess of a fault line along the rocks in the desert. Welling within this playground of chance, experiment and indulgence comes along phases of retribution and penance. Insane it seems to be humbled in this process of revival, crash and correction….to be held vulnerable and addicted to the game.

The line follows its own way as the narrative tries to take hold, grapples and leaves spent. In the intervening visual spaces, permutations work their way fighting logical stance. Rigidity of a static form gives way to the exploratory, shuffling across the surface. A maquette on the pedestal overlooking a crucible in attendance, the sculpture last in line. Possibilities emanate from crumpled paper, discarded boxes, ash, grid, ice cubes, coffee… the engagement with an idea, form, and plan keeping the process alive. Anant Mishra, Gagandeep Singh, Jyoti Ranjan Jena, Daina Mohapatra and Jenson Anto on the arts.i  Mezzanine floor that has its clues, and tales to tell…