Monday, March 29, 2010

The Little Kitty in the tree

Here little kitty… here little kitty… come on, come on…. Come to daddy, come to papa… the little boy was smiling with so much hope. Little did he know that he was being watched by a man sitting nearby enjoying his morning smoke….

Dried leaves were falling from the tree, traffic was passing by, pedestrians were crossing over each other, the sun, was shining high. The little boy started shouting now… HERE LITTLE KITTY… COME HERE LITTLE KITTY….. there was anger in his eyes, blood was boiling in his eyes, he had been calling the kitty for a long time…the mother was feeding the babies, ignoring the crazy boy screaming down below standing in the balcony.

The boy lost his cool and started banging his head into the tree trunk. He had been throwing water from the mud bowl towards the tree, hoping the kitty would drink water. He out of a fit of anger banged his head into the graffiti on the Religare Café Wall.

He fell on his knees, weeping, crying and punching the wall, yelling… “Why don’t you drink the water little kitty? Why are u doing this to me ?????

The man who was witnessing the act of feeding the Kitty felt pity on him and decided to help him.
Come here little boy – he said. Wiping his tears the boy said –What ?
“ that is not a kitty you silly boy, that is an eagle’s nest. Stop throwing the water and just let the bird come on it’s own to drink water from the mud bowl” and he went inside to his office space.

The boy’s jaw dropped down, stunned and shocked he closed his mouth with his hands and went up to his space in the mezzanine floor. He saw the eagle scoop down to the balcony, drink water and fly away….
they shoot,
green themselves
rustle and bustle
get shady
and fall,