Tuesday, February 2, 2010

jenson anto, anant mishra, gagandeep singh

Chapter 1....

the story so far... there are 2 boys... Jenson and gagan.

They are both innocent...they have a new home.

Often their computer hangs, net stops working... birds do potty on them,
light connection goes away... they know who is doing it... Remote access man !

They wait for the Falcon / eagle / hawk, they are not sure which one, but
they know it's not a Kite...

anxiety hits them hard often leading to constipation, high BP and faster heart beat as they wonder at the signature sheet printed only till the tenth...

They want to go to Sunderbans, have drugs with the baul singer, eat international birds in the forest of Chikla, orrisa, dance with the Sthal tibals at Shantiniketan, dig holes under the Yamuna River in search of coins and much more..

Jenson likes to walk, gagan likes to walk even more...

Jenson's profile:

Sex : Boy
nature : Innocent
Favourite place : Ladakh
Favourite activity : Cycle 50 km to school every day and 50 km back home
Hang out place : Volga , CP
Diagnosis : He is crazy !

gagan's profile:

Sex: Also boy
nature : Innocent
Favourite Place : Himachal
Favourite activity : mix water in his orange juice
Hang out place : Mother dairy next to Volga, CP
Diagnosis: he is a lunatic !

Yesterday gagan met his wife in the Cafe for teh first time... she ran away very fast, terrified gagan ran into the kitchen, trembling wife jumped from the upper deck on to the blue round tables seeming like a galaxy... then photo boy Jogi come explaining how a Coffee machine works, then village boy Jyoti come with his tales of shantiniketan... then Jenson lie and say i want to top up my phone and go for a walk.... gagan cry after he go... but only inside...from outside he laugh...

Jenson (the emerging graphic designer) is lately getting erotic with the bean bag... i am worried, we might need a pychologist on the upper deck....Not only am i worried, i am getting scared too... he plays heavy metal music and than starts off with the bean bag... thank god there is glass everywhere...

The upper deck is not a safe place... there is a big snake here, doing Yoga...God help us... there are all type of people come and meet us... One boy rana come and tell us about Chinese at Red light...then he not go from here... Jenson get very angry... but he is also interested in the chinese torches being sold at the ITO red light. He wants to buy one. Rana say i will take both of u next sunday, than u try chinese... torches that is !!