Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Zero, the house is on fire...the ants are diligently working, nungee cow jumps in, she says the boy who had green chutney and dahi is on fire. That boy is thinking..... khujarao. Jenson baba is in Cookie land having rice... chung chung, he is on a high hoping for his mithun to be sacrificed on a full moon night, so he places the egg shells in the Sangla Valley... I am wondering where are we????? for I am in Kalakshetra. then Chandigarh, Kausauli, Khujrao, assam, nagaland, punckula, berkley, it all adds up to Zero. Please stop harrasing the Bodo's it's not fair. The Shatabdi train leaves early morning. The men from Bihar are tumbling in the truck, not looking down. I am sipping on my masala tea. The One horn Rihno is rushing towards me. I hide behind the transparent cow who waits to be struck by the Bull. PUDA and HUDA decide to get married, they have a baby called Zirakpur who is pregnant. She starts giving birth to many babies called Banquet Kumar. I am having my masala tea, looking at the stains of the aftermath of the Dahi incident. We are all heading to the mountains via the Tree outside the Arts I cafe.        

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