Saturday, June 5, 2010

From Shantiniketan to Religare

Jyoti speaks about his paintings, the journey from Orissa, Shantiniketan and Delhi, of settling, displacement, approaching Appropriation, Juxtaposing Mattisse in a painting, searching for his own identity, the confusion at college, incomplete series of paintings, variations in work struggling to be exhausted. We take a glimpse into his world - Nandlal bose's shantiniketan placed with artificial flowers, a sofa with a figurative touch, the measuring tape, the man placed  with wires, all of the paintings wanting to have a dialogue

he feels tired, exhausted, so much work, bringing so many memories back.... A cup of Cafe Latte, there is a slight breeze, cloudy skies in the month of June. 

His next lot - loads and loads of drawings and watercolour....  

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